Staff News / November 2013

Martinho Correia

Having obtained his Master’s Degree in Architecture, Sacred Art and Liturgy in Rome, Martinho Correia ( finished his great painting of the resurrection, Ananstasis 2011, now in the collection of a Roman cardinal. He continues to paint in his home in Portugal and to give extremely successful workshops there. He also gives workshops in New Zealand, Canada and Italy.

Martinho Correia "Ananstasis"

Martinho Correia “Ananstasis”

Martinho Correia "Simon Says"

Martinho Correia “Simon Says”

Colleen Barry and Angela Cunningham

Colleen Barry and Angela Cunningham are two of the greatest Realist painters today and each will be teaching a two-week workshop in August, 2014, at the Angel Academy of Art, Florence. Information on all the workshops is available at

Colleen Barry "Draped Male FIgure"

Colleen Barry “Draped Male FIgure”

Colleen Barry "Julia"

Colleen Barry “Julia”

Colleen Barry:

Angela Cunningham "Safe Keeping"

Angela Cunningham “Safe Keeping”

Angela Cunningham "Blue Satin"

Angela Cunningham “Blue Satin”

Angela Cunningham:


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